PipelineFX now offers two types of training:

  • Qube! Certified Administrator Training – a 2-day certification training course, designed for technical support staff, render pipeline engineers, Qube! resellers, IT Consultants, R&D Managers and IT personnel.
  • Qube! Artist Workshop – a 1-day workshop, geared toward artists and new users of Qube!.

Qube! Certified Administrator Training
(2-day Course)

PipelineFX is proud to offer certification training on Qube! render farm management software. The Qube! Certified Administrator (QCA) certification validates the ability to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot render farms used in digital media production. The curriculum is designed for technical support staff, render pipeline engineers, Qube! reseller implementation and pre-sales engineers, IT consultants implementing Qube! for render farms, R&D engineers, render wranglers and IT personnel charged with deploying and/or managing a render farm. Training includes extensive hands-on lab time.

* Course size is limited so make your reservations now. Contact your Qube! reseller or today to register and reserve your seat.

* Commercial/Government – $1,600.00 per seat
* Full-time Education Faculty and Staff – $800.00 per seat

* Please check the Training Calendar for the next scheduled QCA Certification class

Day 1 Morning
o Qube! Architecture & Terminology
o Site requirements
o Qube! software installation
o 3D Application & JobType installation
o Qube! initial configuration
o Testing and troubleshooting the Qube! installation
o Q & A

Day 1 Afternoon

Artist Use Case:
o Submitting, monitoring and controlling jobs
o Troubleshooting

o Monitoring and controlling jobs
o Troubleshooting
o Reporting

o Monitoring jobs
o Reporting
o Q & A

Day 2 Morning

Admin Use Case:
o Supervisor and Workers config & best practices
o Users, Host Groups, Clusters, Permissions, Resources, Path Translation
o Troubleshooting

Day 2 Afternoon
o Support resources and procedures
o Reporting (integrated & external)
o Q & A
o Certificate Presentation


“I’ve been using Qube for a number of years now, and I can say that I know it quite well. But even for an administrator like me, I found the QCA training to be quite informative and a really good forum for picking up things that I missed in the past and discussing different ways of implementation and optimization. I would recommend the QCA to anybody who wants to start learning Qube and even to those who have already been using it for a while. I’m sure that you, like I did, will pick-up some new insight while you’re there! Thanks PipelineFX!”

- Image engine

Qube! Artist Workshop (1-day Course)

PipelineFX also offers a one-day workshop geared toward artists and new users of Qube!. This workshop focuses on submitting, managing and troubleshooting render jobs as well as best practices for maximum render throughput.

* Contact your Qube! reseller or today for a quote.

* $1,000.00 – One (4 hour) session conducted via Gotomeetings or TeamViewer

Day 1 Session

o Qube! Architecture & Terminology
o Qube! Usage for Artists:
- Submitting, monitoring and controlling jobs
- Smart VS Basic (batch) jobtypes
- Troubleshooting jobs
o Support resources and procedures
o Q & A


EDU Burst License Program

PipelineFX Education Customers on subscription can double their current license capacity at no additional charge, up to twice a year. Schools can choose between a one month burst that will start at the beginning of a selected month and a 30-day burst that begins on a date of their choice. Schools that would like to take advantage of this policy can contact their PipelineFX support representative for immediate assistance.

Test Drive Qube!

You can try out Qube! software at no charge for 30 days. This allows you to test our software out and experience the same power and flexibility as commercial users. During the trial period, you'll be eligible for email support and online software updates. Our trial license grants you access to a full-featured, fully functional version of Qube!. What you try out is exactly the same product that you can purchase later. We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy statement.

License Rentals

Need more rendering capacity during a crunch? Rent licenses on-demand in one day increments for as little as $2/day. All licenses are per 2 socket host, floating and cross platform.