Shinya Yarimizo

Shinya is a Senior Software Engineer at PipelineFX. Shinya is the principle engineer for implementing Qube! job types. Shinya possesses a broad and in-depth technical knowledge about render farm infrastructures, networks, 3D applications, and production workflow. In addition to his experience as a Software Engineer in a 3D CGI film production, his experience as a Systems Engineer at an international climate research center has helped him develop a thorough understanding of high-performance computer systems, including SMP supercomputers, clusters, storage systems, and networks.

John Burk

John is a senior software and technical support engineer with PipelineFX. He provides technical support and consulting services to film and game studios on Qube! implementation, configuration and customization. Prior to joining PipelineFX, John was a rendering and production pipeline team member at Laika Entertainment, Rainmaker Animation, Vanguard Animation, Spin Productions, Radical Entertainment, Mainframe Entertainment, Electronic Arts and SquareLA. John also has extensive experience in systems and network administration.

Brian Knudson

Brian is a senior software developer at PipelineFX. Brian is based in Los Angeles and was most recently with Asylum Visual Effects as a pipeline developer. Prior to the Asylum he was a partner at Martian Labs where he was an effects artist and wrote commercial Houdini plug-ins. Brian has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico.


EDU Burst License Program

PipelineFX Education Customers on subscription can double their current license capacity at no additional charge, up to twice a year. Schools can choose between a one month burst that will start at the beginning of a selected month and a 30-day burst that begins on a date of their choice. Schools that would like to take advantage of this policy can contact their PipelineFX support representative for immediate assistance.

Test Drive Qube!

You can try out Qube! software at no charge for 30 days. This allows you to test our software out and experience the same power and flexibility as commercial users. During the trial period, you'll be eligible for email support and online software updates. Our trial license grants you access to a full-featured, fully functional version of Qube!. What you try out is exactly the same product that you can purchase later. We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy statement.

License Rentals

Need more rendering capacity during a crunch? Rent licenses on-demand in one day increments for as little as $2/day. All licenses are per 2 socket host, floating and cross platform.