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Founded in 2002, PipelineFX produces Qube!, the leading render farm management software for digital media creation.

Qube! was originally built for Square USA’s groundbreaking Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the first fully animated feature film to attempt life-like realism. Qube! is an intelligent, mature and highly scalable render management solution that can be quickly integrated into any production workflow, and is backed by world-class technical support. Qube!’s “Smart Farming” delivers intelligence to production pipelines by providing business-critical insight into render pipelines, maximizing investment in rendering infrastructure and automating manual processes. Qube! works out of the box with all leading content creation applications and is truly cross-platform with all software components available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX operating systems.

As the global leader in render farm management solutions, PipelineFX produces Qube! and incorporates “Smart Farming” technology that enables you to solve a wide range of render pipeline challenges. Our goal is to make smart creative professionals smarter by giving them pipeline intelligence and the insight needed to be successful in their marketplaces.

For over 10 years organizations of all sizes and in the film, visual effects, post production, broadcast, design and education industries have been using Qube! to manage their render pipeline and make critical business decisions, faster and smarter than the competition. Now you too can have access to an immediate view of your pipeline, enabling you to understand at a glance operational data, system load and usage, problem areas and bottlenecks, and to predict future resource requirements.

PipelineFX offers the world’s largest and most experienced staff of render pipeline consultants and support engineers who can design, implement, customize and support your new render farm management system and enable you to take your production pipeline to the next level.

As the leading provider of intelligent render farm management solutions for digital content creation, PipelineFX provides software, support, consulting and training services worldwide. Over 500 customers across film and visual effects, post production, broadcast, design, games and education include BaseFX, BBC, Cinesite (Europe), Deluxe, Digital Domain, Electronic Arts, Herman Miller, L.M.U., Laika Studios, Legend3D, Lockheed Martin, Method Studios, NBC, NHK, Pratt University, Procter & Gamble, Rainmaker Entertainment Inc., Reel FX, Smoke & Mirrors, South Park Studios, StereoD, ARC Productions, Technicolor and Telemundo. PipelineFX is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and has offices in Honolulu, Portland, Las Vegas, Vancouver and London.


Qube! Designer License

Save as much as 85% over Qube! standard licensing when running one job per render host. If your primary creative applications are Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3ds Max or Maxon C4D you can purchase Qube! Designer licensing for $100 per host including subscription. Learn more...

Test Drive Qube!

You can try out Qube! software at no charge for 30 days. This allows you to test our software out and experience the same power and flexibility as commercial users. During the trial period, you'll be eligible for email support and online software updates. Our trial license grants you access to a full-featured, fully functional version of Qube!. What you try out is exactly the same product that you can purchase later. We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy statement.

Just Released - Qube! 6.6

New features include Smart Share, Universal Callbacks, Pre and Post job Flight Checks, ArtistView GUI improvements, New platform support for Autodesk 2015 products and Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows platform improvements: An upgraded version of MySQL server (5.5.37) is bundled to significantly improve supervisor performance and Python "load-once" jobs are now fully supported. Learn more …